Counseling, Consultation

Clients, including some initially wary of counseling or consultation, value us for our collaborative and engaging manner as well as our effectiveness and vivid energy.

Experience as Counselors

We have been supporting men and women in finding the satisfaction they seek in relationships for more than 25 years. We have been schooled in a variety of counseling approaches, at postgraduate level and are especially drawn to narrative systemic brief solution oriented approaches, which fit more with the frenetic world changes we are trying to cope with.
We present a new framework for looking at people problems which expands the range of possibilities for change. Our active approach provides help in solving seemingly insoluble relationship problems in a timely way.


  • As counsellors and relationship experts we operate with an open, engaged, collaborative style with our clients.
  • We view our counseling relationship with you as a respectful partnership.
  • Our style is “active” rather than “silent”, as we believe people can evaluate and choose the ideas and tools that are useful for themselves.
  • When counseling relationships we provide a safe laboratory for considering alternative ways of viewing the issue that will be resolved and experimenting with new ways of relating.
  • While the process should not be rushed, focus on the problems the person presents should result in resolving issues in a timely way

When guiding couples, we initially work to help them move from a place of insecurity and defensiveness, hurt and betrayal to one that allows for their fundamental drive towards growth and allows for more authentic expression of other, unrecognized, emotions and patterns without blame. When couples enter therapy in the midst of a crisis, emotional shut down or emotional escalation and volatility can be even more damaging and must be carefully managed. With the reduction of their unproductive exchanges, and the expansion of a sense of inner worthiness, we lead the couple to a safe place where they enjoy more positive interactions and mutual appreciation, which returns in form of higher selfesteem, the ground for experiencing full aliveness and communion.

When working with individuals we guide them to see their own pitfalls and virtues, their potential strengths, hidden behind bottled up energy, to improve their skills and abilities, and enhance their relationship with themselves, so that they explore their destructive belief systems and destructive emotions, and free themselves to pursue and create healthy relationships with others.

In guiding lay and business groups, teaching mental health professionals we empower people to create positive change in relationships by staying focused on their personal and collective goals in the here and now so that they can approach life with more empathy, courage, creativity, flexibility and thoughtfulness than before.

Four types of counseling

Relationship Counseling: 
Through identifying patterns of handling conflict and developing strategies for change, any relationship can improve: with family members, with a partner, with an elder parent or in laws, at work. Difficulties in establishing a close, intimate relationship are normal and can be overcome so that individuals, couples and/or families can make this relationship work and enjoy themselves.

When unsure whether counseling, attending a workshop, or reading a self help book is the best option, consultation can be helpful. Issues that led you to seek our website or help can be clarified and steps needed for change can be explored. Questions such as whether to seek individual or couple counseling can be addressed.

Brief Counseling:
When facing a life crisis or when concerned about starting a “too long” process, brief counseling provides a positive alternative. “Brief” can mean a time limited contract, such as four, ten or fifteen sessions, and/ or a process that focuses on a particular problem area to achieve quick resolution of the presenting issues. Types of problems that led to this approach might be loss such as divorce, separation, death; post-traumatic stress after experiences like rape, theft, auto accident; life changing experiences such as illness, loss of job, moving; important decisions such as ending a relationship or abortion; and sexual difficulties.

Exploratory Counseling:
When struggling with ongoing discomfort such as with depression, anxiety, a general feeling of dissatisfaction, we explore the underlying issues that are interfering with a sense of pleasure and vibrancy in your life. Together, we actively work on solving problems so you can enjoy yourself on your own as soon as possible.

We are good at helping all kinds of relationships achieve their best possible potential.