Family Rituals, Celebrant

The first steps and the right words are often times the most relevant ones. If you are celebrating a non religious ritual let us, relationship experts, be your celebrant, the person who puts words to your feelings.


You have done the path, you have taken the choice. Congratulations! Now it is time to compromise with family and friends celebrating a beautiful wedding, that creates a solid foundation for the manifestation of who you are and how you want to live your live. If you are choosing a non religious ceremony we offer you a warmehearted ministress, celebrant, a sensitive expert on relationships.

If you could paint the most beautiful ceremony that you can imagine, what would need to be said, manifested, chanted?
Would you be willing to create a ceremony that represents your hopes, plans values and beliefs?
Would you be interested in incorporating any particular ritual that you practice or that you may have seen elsewhere?
How would you like to integrate your guests in the ritual?

The first steps are often times the most relevant. You’re in the right place. Let us, relationship experts, help you move from “I do” to “happily and healthily ever after!”

Family Rituals

A bereavement, a jubileum, a new born child or any other family life cycle ceremony you may want to celebrate with the help of a celebrant, we invite you to consider our sensible experience and knowledge.

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