Calm your mind. Meditation 101

Meditation is indeed helpful for the mind and the body, it is simple, secular and scientifically proven. It can diminish anxiety, stress and therefore depression and fear. It helps in read more


Enjoy powerful and satisfying communication that invites to listen and to talk

It seems violence is everywhere. We may not be able to stop it or prevent it in the outside world, but we certainly can transform it in ourselves….There are two kinds of intelligence read more

Divorce: an opportunity for personal growth

The hopes and dreams of what this relationship represented are not realised and our minds are not trained to let go so easily. On the contrary our minds get attached to what we like what we think is right   read more 

Put off blaming put on love

If you ask any good lawyer, he or she will tell you there is no such thing as a cheap divorce. If you ask any good clinical psychologist, he or she will tell you there´s no such thing as an easy divorce. Nobody enjoys break-ups…  read more 

Becoming a sufferer or a star performer

We have learned to run away from our difficult emotions and declare the outside somehow responsible for what we do not know how to solve…read more